Je ne sais qui disait que l’enfer est pavé de bonnes intentions. L’UNESCO nous en offre l’illustration.
En apparence il n’est rien de plus sympathique que de voir les états s’occuper de la culture. A l’intérieur d’un pays on évoque souvent les nationalisations. Nous autres Francais y sommes hélas très accoutumés. Dans ce cas particulier nous assistons à une véritable internationalisation de la culture.

L’inscription par les soins de l’UNESCO au patrimoine mondial de l’humanité ne s’arrête jamais.

Nous allons voir dans l’ordre la définition de l’UNESCO puis son coût. Enfin nous proposerons une solution.


Personne ne pourra nier que l’UNESCO est un redoutable machin. Il l’est d’autant plus qu’il navigue dans l’immensité incertaine des organismes de l’ONU. Ces innombrables organismes sont à l’œuvre pour créer un pouvoir totalitaire mondial. Ce même pouvoir est d’autant plus redoutable que c’est un monstre à plusieurs têtes. Toutes ces têtes travaillent dans le même sens qui est de se passer de Dieu. Certes, le nom de Dieu n’est pas prononcé. Mais les multiples agences de l’ONU travaillent pour faire des hommes et des femmes, des êtres livrés à eux-mêmes sans aucune transcendance.

Quand un état s’empare d’une activité il est courant de parler de nationalisation. Nous autres Français en avons la triste expérience.
L’UNESCO prétend internationaliser la culture.
Cette ambition est d’autant plus redoutable que personne de sensé ne peut définir vraiment ce qu’ est la culture.

Une définition possible : La culture est ce qui reste quand les personnes sont nourries et vêtues. Nul ne peut voir de limites à une telle notion. Les UNESCOCRATES l’ont bien compris et élargissent sans cesse leur champ d’action.


Nous voici devant un océan quasiment sans rivage. Essayons de résumer bien que ce soit difficile.

Il y a d’abord les bâtiments. Tout le monde connaît l’immense siège de l’UNESCO à Paris. En apparence il ne coûterait rien, ce ne serait pur mensonge. Il existe inévitablement des contre-parties que personne ne connaît et à intérêt à faire connaître. Combien de bâtiments ailleurs ? Mystère et boule de gomme.

Aux bâtiments il faut ajouter les rémunérations. Les entrepreneurs du quartier savent qu’elles sont plus que coquettes et qu’elles leur font concurrence. Là encore bouche cousue et main tendue.

A la terrible addition il faut ajouter une rubrique étonnante et massive qui est l’inscription au patrimoine mondial de l’humanité.

L’UNESCO s’est saisie arbitrairement du monopole de la culture et prétend ainsi constituer une liste du patrimoine mondial de l’humanité. Nous notons au passage la vanité d’une telle notion. Un patrimoine doit appartenir à un être vivant et l’humanité n’existe pas en tant que telle.

En attendant la course à l’inscription est ouverte, les gagnants espérant trouver des avantages. En fait c’est en partie un mirage car les contraintes sont fortes. Il faut se soumettre au diktat de la centrale pour le moindre changement. Personne ne connaît le coût de cette course et personne ne nous le dira.


J’ai dit avec une folle imprudence que je proposerais une solution. La meilleure est impossible car ce serait la destruction de l’UNESCO dont nul n’a besoin. Les intérêts matériels et moraux attachés à ce vrai monstre l’interdisent absolument.

La seule solution pratique et raisonnable est de grignoter la montagne.

Cela implique d’abord de dire ou même crier la vérité ce que j’ai tenté modestement de faire.

Devant le scandale la vraie montagne (ou le vrai montage) pourra s’effilocher.

Il faut être plusieurs pour le faire.

Merci à ceux qui diffuseront ce blog.

Qui vivra verra.


The Packers add a meaningless touchdown on the game’s final play; Jamaal Williams runs it in from the 1.

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Field goal, Detroit. The Lions eat up 4:03 of game time and add another short field goal as their lead grows to 30-10 with just under two minutes remaining.

“They’ve done a nice job for us over the last two years,” Del Rio said. “If it was a road game, I’d enjoy it. If they stop making (international contests) our home games, we’ll be fine.” Del Rio’s point is somewhat understandable, but given it’s a shorter flight from Oakland to Mexico City than it was for their game in Washington earlier this season, the Raidershave no excuses for how they performed.

Prescott: I’d play tomorrow: The Cowboys have to deal with a short week after their 37-9 blowout loss to the Eagles as they prepare for their traditional Thanksgiving game, but Dak Prescott would like an even shorter week. “I’ll watch this a couple of times and forget about it,” Prescott said. “I would play tomorrow if I could.”

Here comes Uncle Ed. Your mother has invited him again, even after what happened last year. “He’s my brother,” she’s explained, and so now you have to remind your spouse, your partner, your boyfriend or your girlfriend of the rules. You’ve already spelled out, in one word, your policy on Uncle Ed and social media: “Don’t.” Now you have to talk about Uncle Ed and Thanksgiving. “Don’t take the bait. And don’t let down your guard until the football game, because if you make it to the football game, you know you’re safe.”

It’s not that you’ve never argued while watching football with Uncle Ed. It’s that you can argue in a way you can’t over dinner, because the arguments that start at the dinner table seem always to have the potential of careening out of control, while the arguments that start while you’re watching the Cowboys are exercises in containment, if not contentment. steelers_010



Faried provides excellent high floor, high ceiling salary relief.

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With Paul Millsap set to be sidelined for a while, it’s likely we see Faried in the starting PF role, as he was Monday night. In that game, he played 19 minutes, shot a ridiculous 1-of-7 from the field, and still turned in 6X value thanks to seven rebounds, a block, a steal and making all four of his free throws. His salary has not risen ($3,300 FD, $3,400 DK), and he is set to play in what should be a fast and high scoring game in Houston tonight. With a full slate of stars to pay up for, Faried provides excellent high floor, high ceiling salary relief.

Least clear of all is how much falls on coach Dirk Koetter’s shoulders, no pun intended. He was brought there to be the Jameis whisperer, and after their first seasons in town, he was elevated to head coach to keep Winston from getting away, at the expense of Lovie Smith. So many applauded the Bucs ending the apparent blight of the Smith regime after all of two years, and an expected change in “culture” in which Winston would flourish.

Terry’s a very smart individual. Had, obviously, a lot of physical skill and talent. Could do a lot of things on the football field very naturally. And I think was, deep down inside a good person with good intentions and a good heart. Obviously, it’s a very unfortunate passing and a sad day.”

No one is quite sure how, but the Giants knocked off the Chiefs ahead of Thursday’s game against the reeling Redskins.

The axiom holds true for a Bengals squad that has now lost three of its past four games to move one step closer to postseason elimination for the second straight year. Cincinnati (3-6) beat itself as much as the Titans did with six of 12 penalties giving the Titans first downs.nike_steelers_1814



Gordon hasn’t missed a game this season despite being at less than 100 percent health most weeks.

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Prescott knew something was wrong one night in August 2012 when he received a text from his mom: Give me a call when you can. Peggy and Dak had an especially close bond—he was the youngest of her three boys, and after his parents divorced when he was a toddler, she tried to be mom, dad and coach all in one.

Jones scored six touchdowns in 14 games last season with a 4.2 OTD, so despite the lack of scoring in 2017, the team is actually trying to feed him more near the goal line. Jones should be on your radar as a player to try to trade for while his value is down.

The Nugs have fallen short of early expectations, but after a date at the Garden with the Knicks on Monday night, they can fatten up back at the Pepsi Center with a six-game homestand. Once Paul Millsap and Jamal Murray turn it on, and the Nuggets start taking care of the ball, a solid, versatile offensive team should emerge from its early-season jitters.

His performance has varied but his volume generally has not. With the exception of Weeks 2 and 4, when Gordon carried the ball just nine and 10 times, respectively, Gordon has rushed at least 17 times in the other five games. The only concern will be whether the foot ends up becoming problematic for Gordon as the game progresses, which could mean a larger workload for Austin Ekeler. Fantasy owners should be sure to check pregame inactives to verify Gordon’s status.

“When I’m on the field I feel I have a different demeanor in me, a fire that burns in me, that like, if you don’t want to give it to me then I’m gonna take it from you,” Isaiah says. “And I don’t think about anything negative. I think of all positive on the field.”

For both boys, the game is therapy. After catching a touchdown pass in a convincing victory Saturday, Zaevion says the football field is a clean slate. “When I’m in the game I don’t think about anything else.

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The New Orleans Saints won a game without a Drew Brees touchdown pass for the first time since October 4, 2009.

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“The NFL’s findings are replete with factual inaccuracies and erroneous conclusions and it ‘cherry picks’ so called evidence to support its conclusion while ignoring other critical evidence,” the statement read in part.

After the 5th Circuit Court sided with the NFL, the NFLPA said, “The appellate court decision focuses on the jurisdictional issues. The failures of due process by the NFL articulated in the district court’s decision were not addressed.”

Now Elliott, Jones, and everyone else just have to wait until this plays out in court to see what happens next.

Christine Brennan of USA Today wrote that players should stay in the locker room during the anthem, and some in the league really like that idea. But others think it could cause blowback from those who would think the players are being disrespectful by being on the field when the anthem is being played.

Janela, who is from Monmouth County, New Jersey, is a product of Combat Zone Wrestling, which is known for its death matches, and Jersey All Pro Wrestling.

He had already missed three field goals in the game, two coming after botched snaps. Schlopy’s dad left the stadium before the final kick, too nervous to watch.

“I told [holder] Dan Manucci, ‘Just put it down, I don’t care where the laces are,’” Schlopy says. “And then I had one of the best kicks I ever hit. And it turned out to be the last kick I ever hit.”

Sean Payton once again rode Mark Ingram, as Brees attempted a season-low 28 passes, completing 23 for 299 yards. The veteran QB made timely throws to Michael Thomas when needed, but allowed Ingram to do the heavy lifting.

The bulldozing running back ran angry early, powering through a stout Bears defensive front for 75 yards and a touchdown on 18 totes. Ingram also keyed the first-half screen-heavy attack with six receptions for 24 yards.



Are the Warriors turning into a spring “switch-flipping” team right in front of our eyes?

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The walls of the Jay Berwanger conference room are lined with cabinets displaying century-old game balls, so round they look more like basketballs when compared with today’s football. Chicago 44, Illinois 0, Nov. 18, 1907 sits above Chicago 18, Iowa 18, Oct. 22, 1894.

Just down the hallway, in the rotunda of the Ratner Athletic Center, the first-ever Heisman Trophy, awarded to University of Chicago halfback Jay Berwanger in 1935, sits in a glass case.

More trouble in Gotham. The Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie situation won’t affect the Giants’ shot at making the playoffs—those hopes are dead. But if you follow the events of the last few days, they’re indicative of the fact that Ben McAdoo’s hold over his locker room is now tenuous, and the next 12 weeks will be important in regards to his ability to lead that group beyond then.

Through the first couple of weeks of the season, the Dubs look a lot like the brainy kid who starts the term paper the night before it’s due — witness the comeback from 18 down against the Wizards on Friday — and still coast to an A-minus. Not so against Detroit on Sunday night, when the Warriors got blitzed for 33 points in the fourth quarter.

The Clippers didn’t want Paul to force a fresh start upon them, but when he did, they welcomed the chance at one. Ballmer went to separate dinners with Paul and Redick after they signed with new teams, and picked their brains about what had gone wrong. None of the three would divulge specifics, but the overall message was clear: “It was time to shake something up,” Ballmer says.




Melvin Gordon loomed as a question mark at kickoff due to a painful case of turf toe.

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“Players start looking at each other’s faults instead of covering for each other,” Rivers says. “When we lost to Oklahoma City [the year before], we were fine. No one cared what others on the team couldn’t do. It was fresh.

The Chargers running back quieted those concerns on the team’s third drive, finding a wide-open hole behind a pulling guard for a career-long 87-yard touchdown blast, the longest scoring dash allowed by the Pats since Maurice Jones-Drew’s 74-yard gallop back in 2006. It also tied a franchise-record for the Bolts.

Goodell notably did not participate in the interviews conducted with Elliott or his accuser, according to Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio. Harvey also said that the group of advisors spoke to Goodell individually to give him their opinions. Article 46 of the current collective bargaining agreement gives Goodell absolute power over player discipline.

One year after a surprisingly soft market for receivers, the way to go might be a free-agent market with a wealth of high-risk, high-reward talent (listed here in no particular order):

Go FAS Racing hauler involved in accident entering Dover The hauler of the #32 Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series Go FAS Racing team was involved in an accident entering the Dover International Speedway infield Thursday night.

First, he needs to be active on game day, a decision Diggs already acknowledged will be made by his coaches despite his feeling ready. Second, as’s Courtney Cronin explains, between the recency of Diggs’ injury and the Vikings’ other pass-catching options, there might be good reason to temper expectations if he does take the field Sunday.



The union did file an appeal and has asked Judge Failla to rule on it by 7 p.m. on Wednesday.

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Hermanson, who has coached the football team in Cleveland for 22 years and directed the band for 24, says he’s never been tempted to leave for a program with 11-man football: “I always wanted to be a head coach, and I’ve always wanted to be a band director, and there aren’t many schools you can go to where you could do both.”

In Cleveland, The MMQB staff—on a mission to cover a youth, high school, college and pro football games all in one weekend—is treated to an all-natural setting for the game. There are two small sets of bleachers dotting an expansive hill, forming a bowl as it winds around the end zone, flattens, and melts into the woods. The athletic director long ago tried to talk local pig farmers out of airing out their barns on Friday afternoons, to no avail.

The court issued a 24-hour stay on the order reinstating Elliott’s suspension to give the NFLPA an opportunity to file an emergency appeal. They could also ask the 5th Circuit Court for an en banc hearing. So this still isn’t over.

Judge Failla’s husband was one of the attorneys who worked on crafting the collective bargaining agreement, which caused some to raise the question of whether or not Failla should have recused herself from a case involving the NFL and NFLPA. This is not a true conflict of interest, and she is under no legal obligation to do so, according to sports and gaming law attorney Daniel Wallach.

It would be a shock for the judge to overturn her own ruling, and the NFLPA does not anticipate that she will. The answer was no, as expected, and the NFLPA will file with the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals, according to NFL Network’s Tom Pelissero.

The Giants, one of the logical NFC Super Bowl picks in August, are 0-4. They’ve lost two straight games on walkoff field goals.



Bill James just wrote a piece about rookies, assigning a general value to rookie seasons.

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Badd Blood also marked the final call on commentary for Vince McMahon before his role changed entirely after the “Montreal Screwjob”, Owen Hart capturing the vacant IC title, and a match that included The Rock and the Road Warriors.

Taylor drew seven holding calls in the game, but Dowling wasn’t responsible for any of them. Four were on Bills center Will Grant and three on left guard Rick Schulte. Levy remembers pulling Grant aside on the sideline at one point during the game to discuss the mounting penalties.

“I said to him, ‘Will you’ve been called four times for holding,’ ” Levy remembers. “And he said, ‘Coach that’s good, I’m holding him every down.”

Taylor agrees with that assessment. “They could have called holding on every f’ing play,” he emails. “In fact I vividly remember the umpire telling me: ‘Hey, you’re going to have to fight through it, cause we can’t call it on every play … [But] I never had a problem with a backyard brawl.”

It requires a bold manger to trust a lackluster defense such as San Francisco as a streaming option, but consider that the 49ers pressured Carson Wentz on 60 percent of his dropbacks last week, the highest rate for any quarterback this season. It’s mostly about facing an Arizona offense missing it’s veteran quarterback and relying on a mistake-prone Drew Stanton, who rates 85th in passer rating among NFL quarterbacks since 2014 and just behind DeShone Kizer at 92nd in completion percentage among signal-callers over this sample. This should be a sloppy division battle, one that favors streaming the defenses involved. –McCormick

Six months later, Glass insists he was misunderstood. He wasn’t using Indiana pedigree as a litmus test, he says now, just as a nice-to-have bit of résumé padding, which was why Miller’s lack thereof was not a deal-breaker. And then Miller went and did the next-best thing. He poached Indiana native Ed Schilling from Alford’s coaching staff at UCLA.

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Trick or treat: The Eliminator a scary sight for all but a few teams

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From 43 teams four weeks ago in the first 2017 installment of The Eliminator, we’re down to 17 as the light of a November dawn nears and the College Football Playoff committee toils behind closed doors at the Gaylord Texan Resort and Convention Center.

Each week I’m asked to react to the growing sample of production and adjust rest-of-season rankings in ESPN points leagues based on the sustainability of what we’ve already witnessed this season. As I mentioned last week, think of these rankings as a guide as if you were drafting in a points league this week. You might even take Simmons higher than 18th overall, given this is just his first two weeks in the league.

What makes the committee’s process so vastly different from the AP poll, though, is that its evaluation goes beyond those single games that highlight each résumé for better or for worse. As exciting, dramatic and meaningful as Ohio State’s win was, it’s only a fraction of what the committee will evaluate when it considers the Buckeyes.

Growing up, Matthews would spend hours at Phoenix’s Ozzie Ice studying older and bigger players, learning to navigate around them in three-on-three tournaments. Brian would show him videos of Michael Jordan pulling up from the free throw line to help his son understand the power of a quick catch-and-shoot motion.

Frazier hit three of the seven longest outs of this postseason: 403 feet, 402 and 397. This one would have tied it up if it had gone out; it didn’t, of course, but three seconds of my life were spent 100 percent convinced a game-tying home run had been hit. That is a world I lived in, briefly. For three seconds, I raised a daughter in that world, I loved and was loved in that world, I made memories and I spilled a drink. bills_007