Jameis Winston looking for advice on durability

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The Buccaneers aren’t in the market for another quarterback at the moment, they’d just like the one they have to stay on the field.

And according to coach Dirk Koetter, Jameis Winston is talking to his elders in an effort to find out how to become more durable.

Winston missed three games last year with a shoulder problem, and was limited by that injury in other games.

Figuring out a way to stay well over a long season would certainly help, but he also needs to become more consistent when he’s out there. Toward that end, he’s been getting extra work in with wide receiver Mike Evans, going to Texas A&M for some throwing sessions before the Bucs offseason program starts.

“I think if I’d be putting that jacket on right now I’d probably puke,” Widmer said, via Jon Maletz of the Bozeman Chronicle. “I don’t think I’d be able to shake a hand. And that’s why I’m doing it this way; I don’t want to make some political statement right in the middle of their party and take advantage of some very nice people.

“I can’t sit up there and tell interesting stories and how cool it is — the camaraderie, the fame, things like that — and have somebody else say, ‘Well, if that local kid can do it, so can I.’ It just doesn’t work that easy. . . . I’d never want to give somebody the impression that football is safe and that the injuries are short term. They’re not. I’m proof of that.”

His playing career was ended by a back problem, but he’s dealing with much more than that now. Widmer said he’s suffering from a number of problems which he believes are related to concussions, and doesn’t want that to happen to others. He knows trying to derail the most powerful sports industry in the United States won’t be effective, but he does with he could share his message to convince parents to delay participation in full contact tackle football until the senior year of high school.


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