Bill James just wrote a piece about rookies, assigning a general value to rookie seasons.

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Badd Blood also marked the final call on commentary for Vince McMahon before his role changed entirely after the “Montreal Screwjob”, Owen Hart capturing the vacant IC title, and a match that included The Rock and the Road Warriors.

Taylor drew seven holding calls in the game, but Dowling wasn’t responsible for any of them. Four were on Bills center Will Grant and three on left guard Rick Schulte. Levy remembers pulling Grant aside on the sideline at one point during the game to discuss the mounting penalties.

“I said to him, ‘Will you’ve been called four times for holding,’ ” Levy remembers. “And he said, ‘Coach that’s good, I’m holding him every down.”

Taylor agrees with that assessment. “They could have called holding on every f’ing play,” he emails. “In fact I vividly remember the umpire telling me: ‘Hey, you’re going to have to fight through it, cause we can’t call it on every play … [But] I never had a problem with a backyard brawl.”

It requires a bold manger to trust a lackluster defense such as San Francisco as a streaming option, but consider that the 49ers pressured Carson Wentz on 60 percent of his dropbacks last week, the highest rate for any quarterback this season. It’s mostly about facing an Arizona offense missing it’s veteran quarterback and relying on a mistake-prone Drew Stanton, who rates 85th in passer rating among NFL quarterbacks since 2014 and just behind DeShone Kizer at 92nd in completion percentage among signal-callers over this sample. This should be a sloppy division battle, one that favors streaming the defenses involved. –McCormick

Six months later, Glass insists he was misunderstood. He wasn’t using Indiana pedigree as a litmus test, he says now, just as a nice-to-have bit of résumé padding, which was why Miller’s lack thereof was not a deal-breaker. And then Miller went and did the next-best thing. He poached Indiana native Ed Schilling from Alford’s coaching staff at UCLA.

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