Faried provides excellent high floor, high ceiling salary relief.

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With Paul Millsap set to be sidelined for a while, it’s likely we see Faried in the starting PF role, as he was Monday night. In that game, he played 19 minutes, shot a ridiculous 1-of-7 from the field, and still turned in 6X value thanks to seven rebounds, a block, a steal and making all four of his free throws. His salary has not risen ($3,300 FD, $3,400 DK), and he is set to play in what should be a fast and high scoring game in Houston tonight. With a full slate of stars to pay up for, Faried provides excellent high floor, high ceiling salary relief.

Least clear of all is how much falls on coach Dirk Koetter’s shoulders, no pun intended. He was brought there to be the Jameis whisperer, and after their first seasons in town, he was elevated to head coach to keep Winston from getting away, at the expense of Lovie Smith. So many applauded the Bucs ending the apparent blight of the Smith regime after all of two years, and an expected change in “culture” in which Winston would flourish.

Terry’s a very smart individual. Had, obviously, a lot of physical skill and talent. Could do a lot of things on the football field very naturally. And I think was, deep down inside a good person with good intentions and a good heart. Obviously, it’s a very unfortunate passing and a sad day.”

No one is quite sure how, but the Giants knocked off the Chiefs ahead of Thursday’s game against the reeling Redskins.

The axiom holds true for a Bengals squad that has now lost three of its past four games to move one step closer to postseason elimination for the second straight year. Cincinnati (3-6) beat itself as much as the Titans did with six of 12 penalties giving the Titans first downs.nike_steelers_1814


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