The Packers add a meaningless touchdown on the game’s final play; Jamaal Williams runs it in from the 1.

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Field goal, Detroit. The Lions eat up 4:03 of game time and add another short field goal as their lead grows to 30-10 with just under two minutes remaining.

“They’ve done a nice job for us over the last two years,” Del Rio said. “If it was a road game, I’d enjoy it. If they stop making (international contests) our home games, we’ll be fine.” Del Rio’s point is somewhat understandable, but given it’s a shorter flight from Oakland to Mexico City than it was for their game in Washington earlier this season, the Raidershave no excuses for how they performed.

Prescott: I’d play tomorrow: The Cowboys have to deal with a short week after their 37-9 blowout loss to the Eagles as they prepare for their traditional Thanksgiving game, but Dak Prescott would like an even shorter week. “I’ll watch this a couple of times and forget about it,” Prescott said. “I would play tomorrow if I could.”

Here comes Uncle Ed. Your mother has invited him again, even after what happened last year. “He’s my brother,” she’s explained, and so now you have to remind your spouse, your partner, your boyfriend or your girlfriend of the rules. You’ve already spelled out, in one word, your policy on Uncle Ed and social media: “Don’t.” Now you have to talk about Uncle Ed and Thanksgiving. “Don’t take the bait. And don’t let down your guard until the football game, because if you make it to the football game, you know you’re safe.”

It’s not that you’ve never argued while watching football with Uncle Ed. It’s that you can argue in a way you can’t over dinner, because the arguments that start at the dinner table seem always to have the potential of careening out of control, while the arguments that start while you’re watching the Cowboys are exercises in containment, if not contentment. steelers_010


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