Seahawks’ Bobby Wagner on targeting: They don’t know ‘what is a clean hit’

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Bobby Wagner does not want to see the NFL adopt a targeting rule along the lines of what has been implemented in college football.

“It’s terrible,” Wagner told ProFootballTalk Wednesday. “You can just see it now, you watch the college games and they kicking players out for clean hits because they can’t tell what is a clean hit from certain angles. I would rather that rule stay in the colleges then come up here and start messing up our game.”

“As soon as the offensive player lowers his shoulder or lowers his head or puts his head into it, I can come with my shoulder and he can lower his head and his head hit my shoulder, but they still say it’s my fault,” Wagner said. “It’s hard to be conscious of that. You can (be) conscious of it but I don’t think it’s all on the defense even though I feel like we are trying to do a better job of making sure we’re not using our head.”

The second investigation found there to be “insufficient evidence” to charge Bradshaw with sexual assault, according to The Daily Beast.

The exact dates of the alleged assault and when both West Point investigations took place are unclear.

Bradshaw was suspended from the football team for “an unspecified Academy matter” during the investigation, West Point told The Daily Beast. Bradshaw did not play during the 2014 season, and he missed two games — including a loss to Navy — at the end of the 2015 season.

Olsen sat out Week 12 to rest his sore foot but has been eager to get back in the mix. It looked as if a return to the home field would be a more opportune spot for Olsen to come back, given the grass surface. Now he will get a second chance to test his surgically repaired foot, and everyone seems confident about the upcoming game. Coach Ron Rivera indicated that there would not be a limited number of plays for Olsen, and Olsen echoed the desire to come back without limitation.


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