Je ne sais qui disait que l’enfer est pavé de bonnes intentions. L’UNESCO nous en offre l’illustration.
En apparence il n’est rien de plus sympathique que de voir les états s’occuper de la culture. A l’intérieur d’un pays on évoque souvent les nationalisations. Nous autres Francais y sommes hélas très accoutumés. Dans ce cas particulier nous assistons à une véritable internationalisation de la culture.

L’inscription par les soins de l’UNESCO au patrimoine mondial de l’humanité ne s’arrête jamais.

Nous allons voir dans l’ordre la définition de l’UNESCO puis son coût. Enfin nous proposerons une solution.


Personne ne pourra nier que l’UNESCO est un redoutable machin. Il l’est d’autant plus qu’il navigue dans l’immensité incertaine des organismes de l’ONU. Ces innombrables organismes sont à l’œuvre pour créer un pouvoir totalitaire mondial. Ce même pouvoir est d’autant plus redoutable que c’est un monstre à plusieurs têtes. Toutes ces têtes travaillent dans le même sens qui est de se passer de Dieu. Certes, le nom de Dieu n’est pas prononcé. Mais les multiples agences de l’ONU travaillent pour faire des hommes et des femmes, des êtres livrés à eux-mêmes sans aucune transcendance.

Quand un état s’empare d’une activité il est courant de parler de nationalisation. Nous autres Français en avons la triste expérience.
L’UNESCO prétend internationaliser la culture.
Cette ambition est d’autant plus redoutable que personne de sensé ne peut définir vraiment ce qu’ est la culture.

Une définition possible : La culture est ce qui reste quand les personnes sont nourries et vêtues. Nul ne peut voir de limites à une telle notion. Les UNESCOCRATES l’ont bien compris et élargissent sans cesse leur champ d’action.


Nous voici devant un océan quasiment sans rivage. Essayons de résumer bien que ce soit difficile.

Il y a d’abord les bâtiments. Tout le monde connaît l’immense siège de l’UNESCO à Paris. En apparence il ne coûterait rien, ce ne serait pur mensonge. Il existe inévitablement des contre-parties que personne ne connaît et à intérêt à faire connaître. Combien de bâtiments ailleurs ? Mystère et boule de gomme.

Aux bâtiments il faut ajouter les rémunérations. Les entrepreneurs du quartier savent qu’elles sont plus que coquettes et qu’elles leur font concurrence. Là encore bouche cousue et main tendue.

A la terrible addition il faut ajouter une rubrique étonnante et massive qui est l’inscription au patrimoine mondial de l’humanité.

L’UNESCO s’est saisie arbitrairement du monopole de la culture et prétend ainsi constituer une liste du patrimoine mondial de l’humanité. Nous notons au passage la vanité d’une telle notion. Un patrimoine doit appartenir à un être vivant et l’humanité n’existe pas en tant que telle.

En attendant la course à l’inscription est ouverte, les gagnants espérant trouver des avantages. En fait c’est en partie un mirage car les contraintes sont fortes. Il faut se soumettre au diktat de la centrale pour le moindre changement. Personne ne connaît le coût de cette course et personne ne nous le dira.


J’ai dit avec une folle imprudence que je proposerais une solution. La meilleure est impossible car ce serait la destruction de l’UNESCO dont nul n’a besoin. Les intérêts matériels et moraux attachés à ce vrai monstre l’interdisent absolument.

La seule solution pratique et raisonnable est de grignoter la montagne.

Cela implique d’abord de dire ou même crier la vérité ce que j’ai tenté modestement de faire.

Devant le scandale la vraie montagne (ou le vrai montage) pourra s’effilocher.

Il faut être plusieurs pour le faire.

Merci à ceux qui diffuseront ce blog.

Qui vivra verra.


I love the Puppy Bowl, but it’s a house of lies

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Animal Planet’s Puppy Bowl is the apex of Super Bowl counter-programming. The content of the two-hour show is in no way objectionable and in every way lovable. Referee Dan Schachner provides a slice of humanity and order to the chaos. It frequently and repeatedly highlights the cause of animal adoption. But mostly: PUPPIES! The clumsy floofers hit me right in the feels, every time.

But there is one aspect of the Puppy Bowl that always burns my bacon: It’s filmed in October, more than three months before the puppies make it to air. It’s a massive production on a Manhattan soundstage, a three-day shoot featuring 80 puppies divided by size, and the lag time is essential in editing the footage into a two-hour package.

I will not stand for this deceit. The immediacy of today’s news and the internet era demands more transparent media, and the Puppy Bowl, as it is currently presented, is an expired bill of goods. I demand that Animal Planet produce and publish a “Where are they now?” segment, so that I can see the puppies in their present state. Show me a photo of them peeing on today’s newspaper. Anything less is fake news.

In late August, Watt set out to donate $200,000 to the hurricane victims in Houston and the surrounding affected areas. He took to social media to seek out donations through his J.J. Watt Foundation.

“It’s very difficult, not only because we have family and friends back there,” Watt said. “Some guys have young kids. Some guys have wives and families. But that’s our city. It’s very tough to watch your city get hit by such a bad storm and not be there to help.”

What started as a goal of $200,000 ended up coming out to a whopping $37,097,248 from more than 200,000 donors. He kept the fundraiser going for a couple of weeks after he opened it in late August.

“So what I do want to do is, I want to start a fundraiser, because I know that these recovery efforts are going to be massive,” Watt said. “I know that there are going to be a whole bunch of people we need to help get back on their feet. I know there’s going to be a lot we need to do to help rebuild.”



Martinez is in the final year of his contract with Detroit.

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He did not say whether he expects this to be his final season, period — although he did indicate that he takes a wait-and-see approach.

I’m not going to do anything different than what I have done my whole career, Martinez said. I have always taken it day by day, year by year.

Whenever his career ends, Martinez will have quite a résumé to look back on. He enters this season with a career .298 average and 237 home runs. He finished second to Mike Trout in the 2014 American League MVP race — an impressive accomplishment for a DH. That season, Martinez set career highs with a .335 average and 32 home runs, leading Detroit to its fourth straight AL Central title.

Teams will always have weaknesses, no matter how many free agents are signed. But players expected to fly off the shelf, the typical big-ticket items like top-rotation starting pitchers similar to Jake Arrieta and Yu Darvish, didn’t. And now there are teams who have weaknesses to patch up with the duct tape for the job sitting in a training camp in the middle of Florida. That these conditions exist, suggests teams want to pay less for free agents that they have more than they want to improve. Teams, at a detriment to labor ethics, can and will (and have) find ways to have both.

It seems now that the aim of front offices is to underpay for production as much as possible. Tim Lincecum in his present situation may be a low-risk, high-reward player that allows a front office to get much higher value than what they might end up paying. While the dam in Bradenton may not crack, Lincecum can maybe, just maybe, act as a team’s duct tape.

He was asked what his thoughts were when he first heard the news of the shooting.

When you first hear ‘shooter,’ I took my next golf swing, Rizzo admitted. That’s how numb our country is to it. … My parents were one of the first homeowners in Parkland. I’ve seen that community grow into what it is now. It’s crazy to see that happen at home.

Rizzo isn’t sure how he’ll honor the victims this season, but the Cubs have assured him they will help in any capacity, and he’s confident some good will eventually come out of a gut-wrenching time in his community.

They will be in my thoughts and prayers every day, he said. They’re going to turn this tragedy into something really positive.

While the Bruins are a pedestrian 5-6 in road/neutral games, their two best wins came away from Pauley Pavilion — over Kentucky in late December in New Orleans and, more impressively, at Arizona. That’s important because to secure a bid, UCLA will have to win on the road.



Vinatieri spent his first 10 seasons with the New England Patriots and the past 12 with the Colts.

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He won three Super Bowl rings with New England and one with Indianapolis.

The last couple of years of not making the playoffs and stuff was a real frustration, Vinatieri said. I wanted to play on a team that I felt we could get back to the playoffs. Everybody’s first and foremost goal should be playing on a championship team, winning a Super Bowl. I felt like with the decisions of bringing Chris Ballard and the changes he’s made last year and moving forward this year, to me felt like we were moving in the right direction.

We will definitely NOT shut up and dribble. I’m definitely not going to do that. I mean too much to society. I mean too much to the youth. I mean too much to the kids who feel like they don’t have a way out and need somebody to lead them out of the situation they’re in.

Laura Ingraham, host of the FOX News show The Ingraham Angle, targeted James and Kevin Durant after they spoke out against President Donald Trump in an appearance on Uninterrupted.

The number one job in America … is someone who doesn’t understand the people, and really don’t give a f— about the people, James said. It’s not even a surprise when he says something. It’s like, laughable. It’s laughable and it’s scary.

But despite winning 93 games and the American League East title for a second straight season in 2017, questions were raised about the Red Sox’s likability. Although attendance at Fenway Park remained almost unchanged, regional television ratings were down 15 percent on New England Sports Network, according to Nielsen Media data, while sports-talk airwaves were filled with the grievances of dissatisfied fans.

It wasn’t just the paying customers, either. Last week, star right fielder Mookie Betts and shortstop Xander Bogaerts arrived in camp and admitted the team didn’t have much fun last season. Betts alluded to clubhouse tension, particularly during losing streaks, and Bogaerts referred to head-butts and disagreements.

And it was a fantastic, energetic performance that had the crowd cheering. They finished with a score of 77.73, short of their season best of 79.18, but good for first place. Their technical score was 40.33, with a 37.40 in presentation.

Fellow Americans Evan Bates and Madison Chock were up next, with a 74.36 season best. They eclipsed that with a 75.45, moving into second place going into the fourth and final group of the qualification!royals_004



President Donald Trump, who has frequently denounced NFL players for kneeling during the national anthem, had the same message Sunday.

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In an official White House statement, the president saluted America’s armed forces, but reminded everyone, “We hold them in our hearts and thank them for our freedom as we proudly stand for the National Anthem.

“As many Americans come together to watch the Super Bowl, Melania and I extend our greetings and appreciation for those who make occasions like this possible, particularly the brave men and women of our Armed Forces,”

Belichick and Brady already form the most successful duo in the modern NFL era, and now they are trying to match what Phil Jackson and Michael Jordan did together for the NBA’s Chicago Bulls Bookend back-to-backs are the only thing left to add to the Patriots pair’s lengthy legend.

The Eagles fired Reid in 2013 after 14 seasons, despite the fact that they made the playoffs eight times and had only three losing seasons with him. He had five future NFL head coaches on his staff in 2004. Current Eagles coach Doug Pederson, who replaced Reid’s replacement Chip Kelly, was Reid’s offensive quality control coordinator and quarterbacks coach in Philadelphia from 2009-12 before following Reid to Kansas City as that team’s offensive coordinator.

In 2004, when Reid took the Eagles to the Super Bowl, Pederson was with the Packers in his final NFL season as a backup QB. At the end of his first stint in Green Bay in 1998, Pederson had Reid as his quarterbacks coach for two seasons.

“These people are not off the hook,” Ross said. “When we find out who they are, we’re going to arrest them.”

Police estimated up to 100,000 fans gathered in downtown Philly to celebrate the team’s first NFL championship since 1960. Just minutes after the game, social media revealed fires had been set and a vehicle had been flipped over, among other mayhem.

According to, other vandalism included traffic lights torn down, a looted gas station, smashed windows at Macy’s, and a destroyed awning at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel.

Ross, who said he got hit in the head by an bottle someone had tossed in the air, defended his officers’ actions, but said the sheer size of the celebration made enforcement difficult.



For the first three, the tasks get more difficult in Week 2.

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25. Kathryn Smith, assistant coach, Bills (NR): A former Jets front-office staffer, Smith became the first woman hired as a full-time assistant coach in NFL history when Rex Ryan named her Buffalo’s special teams quality control coach. It’s a groundbreaking move we can only hope won’t be a one-time event.

Cook, who isn’t even 22 years old, will try his encore against a stout Steelers defense Sunday. Hunt and the Chiefs play the Eagles. And Fournette and the Jaguars play the Titans.

The performances of the rookies marked the second time since 1970 that as many as three rookies rushed for 100 or more yards in Week 1. Rookie backs from the 2017 draft and undrafted free-agent class combined for 621 rushing yards, which is the second-highest total since 2001.

According to ESPN, since the start of 2001, the best season for rookie backs was in 2008, when they rushed for a total of 9,226 yards, with Steve Slaton rushing for 1,282 yards for the Texans, Matt Forte gaining 1,238 with the Bears and Chris Johnson 1,228 for the Titans. Though we’re only through Week 1, this group of rookies project to rush for 10,557 yards.

17. Richard Sherman, cornerback, Seahawks (15): Sherman isn’t causing as much controversy with his brash opinions anymore, but you never known when another one is going to pop up again. He also is still one of the best corners in the game (if not the best), which means his profile will remain high.

Yesterday, 3:30 into Georgetown-Xavier and play on, Xavier up, 5-4, CBS ambushed us with “Field Goals — Georgetown 2/4, Xavier 1/4.” Thanks you very little.

This week, as you watch — or try to watch — college basketball on TV, consider how many of the graphics you’re forced to consider aren’t worth your consideration.

If the Texans don’t end up with Romo, then this should be either Patrick Mahomes or Mitch Trubisky. My sense: Texans fans would love Mahomes and would be fine with Trubisky. They’d love a Romo-Ramczyk acquisition duo. The only concern is whether Ramczyk’s hip injury is a chronic situation or one that won’t hamper him in his rookie campaign. That and whether Romo wants to come to Houston after he’s (likely) eventually released.

But his father, who “didn’t really have a job after the mills closed,” wound up in the role instead and, according to Kosar, “was paying off his mortgage and … the house and cars” with the quarterback’s signing bonus.



The first step is determining whether to continue moving forward with Blake Bortles under center.

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Bortles showed significant improvement in his fourth NFL season and looks to have even more upside heading into the future.

But before committing to move ahead for at least one more year at a lofty $19.1-million salary, the Jaguars have to evaluate just how much better Bortles can become and whether there is a more appealing option that can realistically be obtained via trade or free agency. Bortles’ base salary becomes guaranteed March 14 (the first day of the 2018 NFL calendar year) if he’s still on Jacksonville’s roster.

The season started off full of promise for the Broncos. They won three of their first four games with quarterback Trevor Siemian running the offense better than expected. Then the bye week hit and the team started losing games in spectacular fashion. It got so bad the team benched Siemian in Week 8 in favor of Brock Osweiler, one of the worst passers in 2016 per ESPN’s Total Quarterback Rating (49.3, 22 out of 30 qualified quarterbacks). Three losses later, after the team’s sixth consecutive L, General Manager John Elway fired offensive coordinator Mike McCoy.

Now, quarterbacks coach Bill Musgrave must find a way to improve an offense scoring 1.4 points per drive (25th) with the league’s fourth-worst red-zone offense.

At age 33, it wouldn’t be surprising if linebacker Paul Posluszny retires now that he finally made his first career playoff appearance after 11 NFL seasons. Posluszny’s role on the Jags defense already was reduced this season with Myles Jack and Telvin Smith handling the linebacker responsibilities in Jacksonville’s nickel packages.

Another graybeard who could be gone is 32-year-old backup quarterback Chad Henne, who squandered his chance to win the starting spot from Bortles during the preseason. Two of the team’s top wide receivers entering the season, Allen Robinson and Marquis Lee, also have expiring contracts. The emergence of rookies Keelan Cole and Dede Westbrook could make either or both expendable.

Case Keenum, independent of what happens in the playoffs, is looking like he’ll either re-sign in Minnesota or follow offensive coordinator Pat Shurmur, should the latter become a head coach elsewhere. If Keenum stays, Teddy Bridgewater and Sam Bradford, likely won’t be back.



The Cleveland Browns are a torturous franchise for their fans to support.

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They have yet to win this season (0-12) and dating to 2015 own a woeful 4-40 record. It’s been so bad that Chris Gibilisco of Fox 8 Cleveland started a petition to honor the Browns’ record as the worst stretch in NFL history “either with a plaque or special exhibit at the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio.”

Not only is it embarrassing for coaches, players and fans, it is also a blight on the league, which stressed the importance of maintaining parity during the last collective bargaining agreement.

Jenkins had been raising his fist during pregame renditions of “The Star-Spangled Banner,” but, for the first time since early in the 2016 season, he did not do so last week. The veteran safety had said he would end his protests after the NFL agreed to donate approximately $90 million toward initiatives largely aimed at African American communities.

Brady’s mental and physical gifts were on full display Sunday, when the Jaguars did their best to take away both. He had to be accurate. He had to precise. He had to be perfect.

The Jaguars, unlike the Falcons, had the personnel and the game plan to seal the deal late. In similar situations against anyone else, they would have put the game out of reach. Brady reversed the course in less than a quarter.

It’s somehow become trite to note the difference in Trump’s tone when criticizing the NFL protests, in which a number of players have chosen to sit or kneel during the national anthem, and his tone when discussing the protests in Charlottesville last month. But it’s still worth noting.

Trump was slow to condemn the white supremacists and overt Nazi sympathizers who crept from the shadows to defend a Confederate statue in Charlottesville. The president eventually offered a forceful condemnation, read from prepared remarks — that he then undercut the next day in a news conference by saying that “many fine people” had joined the racists and Nazis at that protest.cowboys_072



They remain without a postseason victory during the tenures of Lewis and quarterback Andy Dalton.

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Yeah, the Patriots got incredibly lucky (again), but it shouldn’t obscure a brilliant performance by Rob Gronkowski, who actually looked like a man who benefitted from the one-week respite provided by his suspension for unsportsmanlike conduct in Week 13.

In practice, however, the example of NCAA football’s Bowl Championship Series suggests to me that as soon as an outcome of the MVP formula didn’t “feel” right, it would change, and probably keep changing based on overcorrections to whatever the most recent round of complaints was.

Moreover, I don’t think a formula would have changed much in recent seasons. While there have been some difficult calls along the way (Russell Westbrook over James Harden et. al last season, Stephen Curry over Harden in 2014-15), ultimately, I think the voters have agreed with the consensus based on advanced metrics every year since Derrick Rose won in 2010-11. While that selection hasn’t aged well, I’m not sure that’s enough of an improvement in the success rate to justify such a major (and risky) change.

“The question is: How do we allocate the funds to the NFL and, fundamentally, how do we broaden our media approach so we’re less beholden to whether ratings are up or down slightly?” Rhoten, who identified himself as doing the tweeting for Papa John’s Tuesday, added.

In addition to allowing itself to be perceived as opposed to players’ efforts to highlight racial injustice, Papa John’s has been drawn into Cowboys owner Jerry Jones’s feud with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and other owners. Pro Football Talk recently reported that there is a “belief among owners” that Jones, who also owns many Papa John’s stores, “instigated” Schnatter to “disparage” the league.

Everyone doing the clamoring for the Bengals to move on from Lewis forgets just how dreadful this team was — and for just how long — before his arrival. But the clamoring is louder than ever with the Bengals likely headed to their second straight non-playoff season.



Dallas police eventually suspended the investigation after they were unable to locate the victim.

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The playoff hopes of the Atlanta Falcons might rest on the outcome of this week’s game against New Orleans, but the second-worst run defense is going to have trouble containing the Saints two-headed monster of Mark Ingram and rookie Alvin Kamara in the backfield.

Kamara is the No. 1-rated running back per the game charters at Pro Football Focus in addition to averaging over five yards per carry after defenders close within one yard. No other rusher is better in this regard per the NFL’s NextGen Stats. Ingram, meanwhile, averages 3.2 yards per carry after contact, second only to the Steelers’ Le’Veon Bell.

The Jets actually have exceeded expectations, with five victories and counting in a season that began with them being accused of tanking in pursuit of the top overall selection in the NFL draft. Whether that is enough to keep Bowles around remains to be seen.

Owner Jerry Jones’s ire has been aimed at the league office and NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell for the six-game suspension of running back Ezekiel Elliott under the personal conduct policy. Jones has remained supportive of Garrett. But the disappointment is great after the Cowboys began the season with such a firm conviction that they were Super Bowl-bound in Year 2 in the league for Elliott and quarterback Dak Prescott. There just mind be some leftover blame to be spread around.

Mr. Elliot’s representatives argued in a meeting that maybe Ms. Thompson fell down stairs, Harvey said. There was no witness to say she fell down stairs and there was no photograph of her falling down stairs. The representatives also proposed that Thompson could have injured herself bumping into tables while on the job as a restaurant server or could have gotten into a fight with another woman, Harvey said.

The NFL investigators, however, were not buying that. The evidence does not support finding mitigating or aggravating factors, it wrote to Elliott.

The league also told Elliott that it won’t be considering the St. Patrick’s Day incident for additional discipline but called it inappropriate and disturbing. According to reports, the league did not consider Elliott’s alleged participation in a July altercation at a Dallas nightclub during which a D.J.’s nose was broken.

But it was more than that. This game is hard to watch for a number of reasons, Fox Sports’ Troy Aikman tweeted. Terrible for the NFL and the game of football overall. The Smith-Schuster hit brought a milder reaction from ESPN’s Jon Gruden, who wondered why he wasn’t ejected rather than merely flagged for unnecessary roughness, which was automatically declined, and taunting, a 15-yard penalty.



Alex Mack carried Devonta Freeman into the end zone for a touchdown

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The Atlanta Falcons have gotten out to a strong start against the Rams. Devonta Freeman scored the first touchdown of the game, but Alex Mack should get some credit for this one.

Freeman was met with two Rams defenders, and looked like he might be stopped short. That is, until Alex Mack came in and basically carried his teammate into the end zone:

After a year of struggling to pay tuition, Melissa buckled. “We’re going to go back to public school,” she told her son in the car after a scrimmage. It was the silence that got her attention. She saw in the rear-view mirror that Minkah had pulled his towel over his head. She stared at his scrunched-up face, lower lip jutting out, holding back tears, and thought, We’ve got to find a way to do this. Each parent picked up a third job. They didn’t find out until later that Minkah was considering quitting the team to help his dad lug engines around.

They all worked evenings to rebuild the house and spent weekends in their Honda Odyssey, journeying to football camps across the country. As a Jersey kid, they figured, Minkah needed the exposure, so his parents posted highlights on YouTube starting in eighth grade and tried not to turn down any invitations. (In one video, the pint-sized running back somersaults over a tangle of defenders.)

Davante Adams got his contract—it’s on the high end but not outrageous (a reported $58 million over four years with $18 million guaranteed)—but I would have been interested to see what kind of interest he would have drawn on the open market.

Adams has come along nicely since his disastrous 2015 season, is still improving, and probably most importantly had Aaron Rodgers advocating for the deal to get done. I’m not sure Adams is the kind of guy who keeps opposing coordinators up at night though (not yet, at least). It’s also a move that will force the team’s hand with Jordy Nelson and/or Randall Cobb.

Green Bay can get out from under either of their deals, which are both entering the final year—according to Nelson carries a $12.55 million cap number in 2018, Cobb carries a $12.75 million hit. The Falcons spent a league-high $28.1 million on their receivers in 2017 (Green Bay was second at $27.9, by the way). With the Adams deal, the Packers would be devoting in the neighborhood of $40 million to wide receivers if they keep everyone on the books as is, which is the kind of thing you’d only consider if your three receivers were Antonio Brown, Julio Jones and Odell Beckham Jr.patriots_176_7d870a5cedf7a6b9-180x180

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