Alex Mack carried Devonta Freeman into the end zone for a touchdown

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The Atlanta Falcons have gotten out to a strong start against the Rams. Devonta Freeman scored the first touchdown of the game, but Alex Mack should get some credit for this one.

Freeman was met with two Rams defenders, and looked like he might be stopped short. That is, until Alex Mack came in and basically carried his teammate into the end zone:

After a year of struggling to pay tuition, Melissa buckled. “We’re going to go back to public school,” she told her son in the car after a scrimmage. It was the silence that got her attention. She saw in the rear-view mirror that Minkah had pulled his towel over his head. She stared at his scrunched-up face, lower lip jutting out, holding back tears, and thought, We’ve got to find a way to do this. Each parent picked up a third job. They didn’t find out until later that Minkah was considering quitting the team to help his dad lug engines around.

They all worked evenings to rebuild the house and spent weekends in their Honda Odyssey, journeying to football camps across the country. As a Jersey kid, they figured, Minkah needed the exposure, so his parents posted highlights on YouTube starting in eighth grade and tried not to turn down any invitations. (In one video, the pint-sized running back somersaults over a tangle of defenders.)

Davante Adams got his contract—it’s on the high end but not outrageous (a reported $58 million over four years with $18 million guaranteed)—but I would have been interested to see what kind of interest he would have drawn on the open market.

Adams has come along nicely since his disastrous 2015 season, is still improving, and probably most importantly had Aaron Rodgers advocating for the deal to get done. I’m not sure Adams is the kind of guy who keeps opposing coordinators up at night though (not yet, at least). It’s also a move that will force the team’s hand with Jordy Nelson and/or Randall Cobb.

Green Bay can get out from under either of their deals, which are both entering the final year—according to OverTheCap.com Nelson carries a $12.55 million cap number in 2018, Cobb carries a $12.75 million hit. The Falcons spent a league-high $28.1 million on their receivers in 2017 (Green Bay was second at $27.9, by the way). With the Adams deal, the Packers would be devoting in the neighborhood of $40 million to wide receivers if they keep everyone on the books as is, which is the kind of thing you’d only consider if your three receivers were Antonio Brown, Julio Jones and Odell Beckham Jr.patriots_176_7d870a5cedf7a6b9-180x180

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