For the first three, the tasks get more difficult in Week 2.

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25. Kathryn Smith, assistant coach, Bills (NR): A former Jets front-office staffer, Smith became the first woman hired as a full-time assistant coach in NFL history when Rex Ryan named her Buffalo’s special teams quality control coach. It’s a groundbreaking move we can only hope won’t be a one-time event.

Cook, who isn’t even 22 years old, will try his encore against a stout Steelers defense Sunday. Hunt and the Chiefs play the Eagles. And Fournette and the Jaguars play the Titans.

The performances of the rookies marked the second time since 1970 that as many as three rookies rushed for 100 or more yards in Week 1. Rookie backs from the 2017 draft and undrafted free-agent class combined for 621 rushing yards, which is the second-highest total since 2001.

According to ESPN, since the start of 2001, the best season for rookie backs was in 2008, when they rushed for a total of 9,226 yards, with Steve Slaton rushing for 1,282 yards for the Texans, Matt Forte gaining 1,238 with the Bears and Chris Johnson 1,228 for the Titans. Though we’re only through Week 1, this group of rookies project to rush for 10,557 yards.

17. Richard Sherman, cornerback, Seahawks (15): Sherman isn’t causing as much controversy with his brash opinions anymore, but you never known when another one is going to pop up again. He also is still one of the best corners in the game (if not the best), which means his profile will remain high.

Yesterday, 3:30 into Georgetown-Xavier and play on, Xavier up, 5-4, CBS ambushed us with “Field Goals — Georgetown 2/4, Xavier 1/4.” Thanks you very little.

This week, as you watch — or try to watch — college basketball on TV, consider how many of the graphics you’re forced to consider aren’t worth your consideration.

If the Texans don’t end up with Romo, then this should be either Patrick Mahomes or Mitch Trubisky. My sense: Texans fans would love Mahomes and would be fine with Trubisky. They’d love a Romo-Ramczyk acquisition duo. The only concern is whether Ramczyk’s hip injury is a chronic situation or one that won’t hamper him in his rookie campaign. That and whether Romo wants to come to Houston after he’s (likely) eventually released.

But his father, who “didn’t really have a job after the mills closed,” wound up in the role instead and, according to Kosar, “was paying off his mortgage and … the house and cars” with the quarterback’s signing bonus.


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